Recovering Overthinker's Reading List

Recovering Overthinker
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My Long-Awaited Book Recommendations List

I made it in response to being asked for book recommendations every single day by those of you who read my online writing.

This is not a "Hey! I've read 500 books, and here are 50 books you absolutely have to read before you die" list.

It's not a list of "best" or "top" books. It's not a list of books everyone should read. Because there is no such thing as a book that everyone should read.

What's in front of you is a list of books that fit the following criteria:
-They had a great impact on me and have contributed to my development as a human being.
-They cover the topics that my readers are most interested in.

The idea is not that everyone should read all of the books listed here. It is, instead, that you find at least one book that will change you and your life for the better.

In order to help you choose, I've made an effort to give some context on each book, explaining the topics it deals with, who might find it interesting and useful, as well as who might not.

IMPORTANT: put 0$ in the price section. This is my gift to you.

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Recovering Overthinker's Reading List

33 ratings
I want this!